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Gordano Messaging Suite: Early, Current Support for Linux Platform - page 4

And Linus Just Wanted to Make a Better Minux...

  • March 6, 2003
  • By Brian Proffitt

GMS's cross-platform functionality carries over to the client-side, as the entire client is Java-based and (ideally) accessible by any Java-enabled browser. The client in Linux browsers, however, seems to have more limited functionality than the Windows/Java browsers. E-mail was available, but the more enhanced experience with calendaring, address book, and IM was not.

Still, the fact that GMS runs on Linux was a big point in its favor for the New York Road Runners Club, the organization that manages the annual New York City Marathon.

IT System Manager Damen Chan had been using Novel groupwise as a messaging client for some time, but wanted shift his IT infrastructure to UNIX or Linux to get the organization's costs down.

Chan looked at many systems, including sendmail and SuSE Linux E-Mail server, but none seemed to meet his performance or cost needs. Eventually, just as he was about ready to give up and go back to Microsoft he came across NTMail, which he was interested to learn, now had a Linux version.

"I ran the demo Web client," Chan said, "and it just blew me away."

After he installed GMS, Chan was most definitely hooked. Because of his fellow employee's mobility and remote locations, having a client that was Web-based was very suitable for NYRRC. Currently Chan uses the server's base version to handle about 100 accounts with 30 service mailboxes. The IM client is well-used for real-time IT support, he added.

Running the system on Red Hat Linux has saved Chan a lot of money and a lot of headaches, he added.

Like many software companies today, Gordano is not solely committed to Linux. But it's a strong example of how any software vendor can take advantage of Linux's stability and low price point.

(With thanks and acknowledgements to Christopher Saunders of InstantMessagingPlanet.)

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