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Guarding Your Systems With Guardian Digital - page 2

Constructing The Fortress

  • May 8, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

You may have recognized the name of Dave Wreski if you've ever looked at the Linux Security HOWTO. Some of you may also know of him as the senior architect for UPS Worldwide where he designed the security for the company's data centers and partner communications with internal UPS systems. He also managed and directed the UPS security staff and oversaw Internet Systems security policy for the company.

Wreski's associate, Peter O'Hara joined Guardian Digital in May 1999 with more than 20 years of diverse expertise in project management and enterprise software development in financial and telecommunication markets. O'Hara was the System Developer for the International Trading Markets at Merrill Lynch. He also served as System Developer for the Fixed Income Derivatives Trading Desk at Kidder Peabody on Wall Street and at the Navy Systems Engineering Center at AT&T Bell Labs, in Whippany, NJ.

The rest of the Guardian Digital team is a mix of experienced Linux and security experts and seasoned industry professionals many of whom have been involved with Linux since its inception.

Guardian Digital also runs LinuxSecurity.com, the authoritative Internet source for information on Linux and open source security. They are a major Packetstorm mirror, covering information on new software exploits and the latest hacker tools.

The company's flagship product, EnGarde Secure Linux, is engineered from the ground up to provide security and ease of management. "We have certainly benefitted from work done by both Red Hat and Debian, including package management from Red Hat and some of the networking from the Debian project," said Wreski.

He continued, "Everything we do is open source. We analyzed the best the open source community had to offer when we made our decision and concluded that starting with a blank hard disk was the best way to achieve a secure foundation, instead of 'bolting on' security as an afterthought. We also understand the importance of maintaining compatibility with existing Linux software. EnGarde uses the RPM data format."

The customer can choose between two editions of the EnGarde product.

The Community edition of EnGarde was designed to support features suitable for students, security enthusiasts, and those wishing to evaluate the level of security and ease of management available in the Enterprise products. Its development is driven not only from requests in the community, but also their continued participation. The Community edition is a dynamic, rapidly-evolving product that exhibits the best-of-breed applications currently under development within the EnGuard system.

The Enterprise products provide support for advanced hardware, a more sophisticated upgrade path, features suitable for the corporate data center environment and support for other enterprise applications. EnGarde Secure Linux customers, running the Enterprise edition, have installed top-tier software from 3rd. party vendors including IBM, Network Associates, Oracle, Veritas and so on, without difficulty.

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