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Linux Makes PalTalk Possible In A Windows World - page 4

Reaching Out and Touching Everyone

  • July 24, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

Since the PalTalk service is geared to Windows users, one of Katz's current initiatives is to convert from a stand-alone client software application to a browser plug-in client. Of course, the browser would be Internet Explorer. That's okay with Katz, because his main objective is to provide a service and building plug-ins for his Windows-based customers just makes total business sense for him.

When asked about the direction of PalTalk, Katz said "I'd like to move into the enterprise market for instant messaging, video and audio." Thus far, Katz' strategy seems to be working. His users tend to be very loyal and PalTalk is profitable in a field of services that are mostly free.

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