February 16, 2019

VERITAS: Then and Now - page 2

A Mere Two Years Ago

  • July 28, 2003
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Asked the same question about just one year ago, the folks at VERITAS answered just as strongly that yes, they could have predicted then that they would be offering heavy Linux support today. Slashed IT budgets, IT staff cuts, and pressure on IT to squeeze higher service levels and more capacity out of the equipment they already have or at minimal costs suddenly gets people looking for new solutions. Fortune 1000 enterprise customers start turning to VERITAS for Linux servers to help toward these goals.

Two sectors heard about time and time again in interviews, at conferences, and in discussions are the financial and telecommunications industries. This is when they started turning to Linux in a serious way. The most important issue here (as heard and said again and again) is that the costs have to come down, but reliability and performance can't be sacrificed at any level. If anything, it has to improve with the change for this sector to continue with it.

At this point, VERITAS is called on to help these vertical sectors in particular�along with various companies not in those sectors�to streamline the administration process, maximize resource performance, and ensure high availability. This isn't just a Linux thing. VERITAS at this point is both implementing Linux solutions and doing the same with all of the other platforms already in place.

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