February 23, 2019

VERITAS: Then and Now - page 3

A Mere Two Years Ago

  • July 28, 2003
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Today, VERITAS considers Linux a Tier 1 operating system for all of its major products.

When asked what today's customer Linux interests are, the VERITAS team answered with a list that may not surprise many, but is informative as far as reading where the high end Linux market is today. No, Linux word processing stations are not on the list. However, there are items such as data backup and recovery. There's also storage management across the entire multi-OS, multi-platform infrastructure (referred to as "heterogenous"), both for optimizing and streamlining data storage and movement.

You might imagine that financial institutions and data centers are also very concerned about their services being up, running, and available 24/7, and you would be right. It's called High Availability, and includes solutions that provide for a backup system quickly taking over when another system fails, and placing mission-critical applications on Linux clusters for the extra speed without the extra cost. Another area of interest today is "Application Performance Management." This feature monitors systems for bottlenecks in performance and bandwidth primarily for database and Web applications.

Finally, VERITAS is seeing a large customer interest in turn-key solutions, especially in the case of distributed environments where perhaps you don't want to send your top IT people to three different continents or even different cities in the same state for long periods of time. Turn-key also helps in areas where there's a sudden jump in demand for a particular service, allowing for rapid deployment of more resources.

One thing VERITAS is not seeing is customers fleeing their other Windows or Unix investments in droves. Instead, the VERITAS team says that customers are embracing the "utility computing" model, in which you purchase exactly what equipment you need right now. This allows them to get the most out of their legacy systems and yet raise their levels of service at the same time.

Now for some specifics. VERITAS products are built specifically for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ES, AS, and WS version 2.1. RHEL is a specialized Red Hat release that is adjusted with enterprise use in mind, and released on a slower cycle than the regular Red Hat Linux product to allow for less frequent upgrades. Currently available VERITAS products available in Linux include:

  • Its storage and data management heavy hitters (VERITAS Foundation Suite, VERITAS Volume Manager, and VERITAS File System)
  • Its high availability products (VERITAS Cluster Server)
  • Its data protection big guns (VERITAS NetBackup DataCenter and VERITAS NetBackup Business Server)
  • Its application performance management titles gained by acquiring Precise (VERITAS Indepth for Oracle and VERITAS Indepth for J2EE)
  • Its server automation product gained by acquiring Jareva (VERITAS OpForce)
  • Its disaster recovery suites (VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Global Cluster Manager)

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