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Tux Makes Orbitz Fly High - page 3

Lofty Goals Reached by Linux

  • August 14, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

During the migration and implementation of Linux the Orbitz development team was encouraged to take advantage of Open Source tools that would help build and maintain the systems.

Many people in business are reportedly skittish about trusting their support to the nebulous group of developers known collectively as the Open Source community. Not Orbitz.

According to Chism, "Proprietary software gives a false sense of security when you are trying to fix problems."

Proprietary vendors used to tell Chism that they were available 24/7 but when the pressure was on to get a problem resolved, he wouldn't get a call back until the next day or the next week. With Open Source software, solutions could be found via a Google search for self help or by direct input from the Open Source community.

"Generally, problems were fixed right away. It was an eye-opening experience," said Chism.

Orbitz is also giving back to the community, as several members of the Orbitz staff also actively contribute to Open Source Software projects.

Orbitz plans for the future are pretty simple. They want to expand the volume, which is something Linux will definitely help with.

With over 1000 low-fare search engine servers online now, Chism plans to continue his "order a machine, image it and put it on the network" process. Since these systems run Linux and were designed to scale well horizontally, the task is pretty easy.

Rob Reilly (aka: "Dr. Torque") is a professional writer and senior technology consultant whose work includes Linux, business systems integration, innovation training and occasional hot rodding excursions. He frequently writes and speaks about these and other topics. He has 17 years experience in the high technology, manufacturing and the utilities industries. He is always 'on-the-lookout' for stories and projects that focus on Linux, business and the cutting edge. Send him a note or visit his web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~robreilly.

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