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ActiveState's Perl of a Product

  • September 2, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

ActiveState has a stellar group of developers, many of which have been leading industry and anti-spam researchers, in the Open Source arena. Most likely you will recognize many of the names on the list.

  • Larry Wall is a guru of Perl and a member of the ActiveState technical advisory board
  • Michael Tiemann of Red Hat is an investor and board member
  • Gurusamy Sarathy joined the company in the l990s and was the release manager for Perl 5.0, 5.6
  • Dr. John Graham-Cumming is the creator of the popular open source Perl-based Bayesian mail filtering program, POPfile
  • Tim Peters is the creator of SpamBayes, a Python-based open source Bayesian email classifier
  • Jason Rennie is from MIT's Artificial Intelligence lab and is the creator of the open source email classification tool, iFile
  • Gary Robinson, an innovator in collaborative filtering
  • Dr. David Ascher is a Senior Python Developer
  • Shane Caraveo is a Senior PHP Developer
  • Jeff Hobbes is a Senior Tcl Developer

Obviously, not all the developers on located at the ActiveState headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many of the on-site people exhibit the typical developer behaviors, though. The development shop usually has the shades drawn and cardboard arranged to give a cave like appearance. Kraft said, "It helps the developers focus." Helping staff getting their job done is augmented by the hot tub on the roof of the building and the pool table on the mezzanine level. Kraft said that it was a pretty normal group and only a few developers didn't wear shoes.

In stark contrast to development is sales. Kraft said that you could always tell when you were in the development end of the building, because everything was dark. "In sales, everything is bright," Kraft said.

Let's not forget the support group, either. They keep all the customers happy. Support can also claim the prize for product names. When an outside consultant failed to come up with a catchy new name for the product, a guy in support submitted one that said it all..."PureMessage."

The present arrangement at ActiveState is by no means set in stone, as the Canadian firm is always looking ahead.

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