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From the Data Center to the Desktop: Linux Grows Up - page 3

From Humble Beginnings

  • November 4, 2003
  • By Amy Newman

For any new technology, standardization is typically a calling card of maturation. Linux is no exception to this, and the five-year-old Free Standards Group has stepped up to the plate with Linux Standard Base (LSB). Members of LSB span the IT landscape and include AMD, Connectiva, Debian, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Samba, and Sun. Oracle is the one notable vendor absent. Scot McNeil, executive director of the Free Standards Group, attributes this to Oracle's general avoidance of consortia. (Oracle is also not a member of the OSDL.)

The LSB is not creating a new variant of Linux, rather it is charged with "creating standards for a Linux base to bridge the needs of the free and open source developer community and IT industry," McNeil said.

To that end, it has succeeded. Nineteen products have been certified for LSB v1.3 to date, including all of the major Linux distributions, such as those from Connectiva, Mandrake, Red Hat (with the exception of Enterprise Linux 3, which was released two weeks ago), SCO, Suse, and United Linux.

LSB v2.0 is currently in development.

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