April 24, 2019

iSeries Linux Apps Now Total 300, EFT Solution Is The Latest


  • December 23, 2003
  • By Jacqueline Emigh

IBM Monday unveiled S2 Systems' OpeN/2 financial services application as the latest software solution for Linux running on iSeries. OpeN/2 brings the number of Linux apps available for the iSeries midrange server to more than 300, according to Joe Rueda, business unit executive for iSeries ISV sales at IBM.

OpeN/2 is an EFT (electronic funds transfer) application aimed at banks, as well as at retail and telecom environments, said Michael Jacobs, vice president of channel development at S2.

IBM is honing in on financial services and manufacturing as the main vertical markets for Linux operating on iSeries, said IBM's Rueda.

For its part, S2 found it a quick process to migrate the J2EE-, C-, and C++-based OpeN/2 application to SUSE Linux, Jacobs contended during an interview with LinuxPlanet. S2 has also started to support SUSE running on IBM zSeries mainframes.

"Theoretically, you could also run OpeN/2 on either pSeries or xSeries. Most of our customers, however, will be using either zSeries or iSeries," he elaborated.

First launched in 1999, S2's EFT application also runs on Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM's AIX and OS/400 operating systems. From 1984 to 1999, S2 produced front office software for "proprietary" Stratus and Tandem systems, he maintained. Increasingly, however, those platforms have come to require "high maintenance and hard-to-find skills sets," according to Jacobs.

At this point, S2's main reason for migrating its OpeN/2 software to Linux is to provide a cost-effective platform for server hardware consolidation, Jacobs said. Through Linux, customers can now run both front office and back office applications on a single zSeries or iSeries hardware platform.

On the financial services side, the zSeries tends to most popular in the US and Europe, and the iSeries in the Asia Pacific, he said. America First Credit Union (AFCU), for example, is one US-based S2 customer that is implementing SUSE on zSeries for server consolidation.

Also in the US, AT&T Wireless is now evaluating OpeN/2 running on zSeries as a replacement for its current billing systems, Jacobs added.

In the financial services and retail spaces, OpeN/2 software for "continuous operations" supports ATM and POS (point-of-sale) applications running on a variety of platforms.

Meanwhile, one of IBM's own financial services customers, custom brokerage house GH Young International, has deployed Red Hat Linux running on iSeries 820 for a server application. The brokerage house's Linux server manages Web server, file-and-print server, imaging, and firewall apps.

Other IBM customers now operating Linux on iSeries range from Brenntag Nordic, a Scandinavian-based distributor of chemicals and raw materials, to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, said IBM's Rueda.

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