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VERITAS Continues Linux Push - page 2

Rolling Out the Product Line

  • March 1, 2004
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Two other additions that are worth mentioning here have been announced since January. The first is VERITAS NetBackup 5.0 Server. NetBackup 5.0 Server brings the enterprise capabilities of VERITAS' flagship enterprise backup and recovery product NetBackup 5.0 Enterprise Server (announced in November 2003) to the midsize market for customers managing tens to hundreds of servers. NetBackup is the flagship VERITAS backup and recovery product, and it has a number of new capabilities. For example, in the name of faster backup and recovery, NetBackup 5.0 can pull together small partial backup snapshots in order to rapidly restore an overall image . A new range of hardware-based backup solutions is now available, as well, from VERITAS and its partners, such as disk vendors and other technology providers.

On the automation front, the NetBackup 5.0 Advanced Client helps speed up and streamline the backup process by allowing administrators to point and click their way through configuration. For environments characterized by file systems with extremely large amounts of small files, the FlashBackup component, for example, helps speed up the backup process.FlashBackup speeds up the backup process by comparing the data that needs to be backed up against a snapshot, and then only backing up the items that have actually changed. This feature allows for single-file restore on demand as well, along with a reduced impact backup feature that makes sure not to gobble up your system's resources while backing up data.

For those many offices where desktops and laptops also need to be kept in the backup loops, there is now a Desktop and Laptop option. With this option to NetBackup, there's not only new functionality to aid in this realm, but there is also now the ability to keep a particular user's data synchronized across the various machines that they use. This is a major time saver for those who work at both home and the office, or have to carry a laptop from site to site.

NetBackup 5.0 also has new features specifically designed for keeping mission-critical data available. For those who prefer to back up to more than one location at a time, you can now specify up to three additional backup locations within the main interface. Also, up to four copies can be made, and these copies can be sent to multiple locations if desired. Disk Staging features allow for backing data up to disk the moment it is created, and then when scheduled move all of the disk backup onto tape and clear the staging disk for another round of immediate backups. Utilizing this feature gives you more flexibility to handle tapes and larger-scale backup duties when is most convenient for you. NetBackup 5.0 supports Red Hat, SUSE and Debian GNU/Linux.

The other new entry from VERITAS into their Linux support chain is VERITAS Bare Metal Restore. Anyone who's had to bring back a machine from scratch can appreciate this product, which includes the ability to choose a particular backup point in time for the restore target. Scripting components are also included for the data recovery portion of the routines, so that administrators are not ultimately tied to the keyboard babysitting any manual processes they must go through.

This product also is built to handle multiple restores at once, for those cases where you have suffered a serious loss of machines and need to have everything back up and running as soon as possible. From a Red Hat Linux server, Bare Metal Restore can handle restoring machines running IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. When used in conjunction with VERITAS NetBackup, VERITAS Bare Metal Restore is able to integrate its own configuration and data snapshot needs with the backup software.

Finally, VERITAS with its I3 suite also now brings application performance management to Red Hat Linux environments running J2EE-based web applications, Oracle9i or DB2 database applications.

In addition to these new items, VERITAS is working to bring all of its core data protection, storage management and high availability products to the Red Hat Enterprise Server 3.0 platform, as well as adding support for IA-64. VERITAS is also working to deliver more advanced clustering capabilities as well as migration capabilities to assist customers who want to migrate Linux into business critical environments.

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