March 24, 2019

Verano's Industrial Defender Does Just That

Industrial Strength Opportunities

  • June 21, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Most people relate to computer security strictly at the enterprise or corporate level.

So, what's keeping the bad guys out of the computer systems that run a huge metropolitan water works? Or, how would a plant manager know if someone had broken into his multi-megawatt power plant's network? What would happen if a virus got into their plant's networks and took out all of their MS boxes for a few hours?

Good questions.

An attack on these systems could have devastating consequences.

In an interview with Verano's Vice President of Marketing, Lori Dustin and Director of Security Marketing, Al Cooley, they talked about finding a great opportunity to serve their customers in the area of industrial operations cyber-security. They also introduced their latest product, Industrial Defender Guard, that offers a comprehensive perimeter protection, monitoring and alarming system for electrical utilities, water works or large manufacturing plants.

Verano's products are... you knew it was coming..."industrial strength."

Of course, that's no surprise to LinuxPlanet readers because the Industrial Defender Guard appliance product based on the hardened Red Hat SE Linux version, sporting mandatory access control.

Several issues have contributed to opportunities in industrial cyber-security for Verano. Having evaluated many client installations, they found significant differences between enterprise and plant computer systems.

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