February 17, 2019

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It's All In The Name

  • July 8, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

IDEAL has demonstrated Linux-based computational and game engines to the U.S. Army's RDECOM and PEOSTRI Projects. These engines can be used to develop simulations and thus far, the Army planners have been impressed with the performance and cost factors. Jacobs said that the Army has been embracing "game engines," for some time and appreciates the added features of what he calls "game logs."

Game logs set simulations apart from normal video games because they add the dimension of being able to review and analyze the user's performance at the end of a training session. The ability to collect and record user's actions and decision making processes helps trainers convey techniques that will help the user (soldier, aviator, etc.) improve their performance.

Game engines on Linux platforms have become increasingly sophisticated in the last couple of years and have begun to challenge the big name simulation vendors, in the performance and price departments. That has been especially true using commodity hardware.

The Army is also concerned that some of their systems are up to 30 years old. Talk about legacy systems, they have programs running on old VAXes. The military planners are anxious to move the old code over to newer hardware, especially to ease maintenance and replacement issues. IDEAL has been right there to help with a few porting and emulation conversion projects.

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