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Emulex Connects To Linux - page 2

Red Hat and SUSE Linux On Board

  • August 9, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

The latest 2.6 kernel versions Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will support the full line of Emulex midrange and enterprise adapters (LP1050 PCI-X and LP10000 Fibre Channel boards), both single and dual channel, on 32-bit and 64-bit Intel architectures, x64, and IBM POWER processors.

Previous SUSE Linux qualification efforts included support for Emulex Fibre Channel HBA drivers in the widely deployed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 edition.

Emulex has concentrated on building drivers that match and anticipate the technological progress of very large configurations with 2.6 kernels, storage networks (Common HBA API, 2 Gigabit) and server enhancements (PCI Express, x64 architecture). A special effort over the past six months has focused on optimizing the Emulex driver and the Linux 2.6 kernel, cooperatively with LINUX community SCSI leaders.

As for supporting current relationships with vendors such as Sun, Dell and Microsoft, Emulex offers the broadest OS support in the industry. Chevallier said that Emulex will continue to deliver products with multiple OS support, to ensure data center environments have the most robust connectivity available.

The fact that Emulex is wholeheartedly supporting the Linux community is a testament to the continued maturity of Linux. It paves the way for Linux to be the OS of choice for extremely large storage systems.

The market for very large storage networks continue to expand rapidly, especially in Wall Street financial institutions, the telcos and the video editing/entertainment content industries.

Chevallier is optimistic: "Emulex is seeing Linux gaining increased traction in the data center and companies such as Disney, Morgan Stanley, and Lehman Brothers. They have already standardized on Linux and use Emulex HBAs for their SAN connectivity needs."

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