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3PAR Snapshots Your Data

3PAR InServ Storage Servers

  • August 26, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Database managers and system administrators in charge of maintaining huge sets of files frequently feel the heat when data gets corrupted or a user decides that he didn't want to delete something. Administrators need effective ways to deal with these situations.

In a recent interview with Craig Nunes, Senior Director of Marketingfor 3PAR, he talked about how his company's new product, Virtual Copy DBA eases the burden for the time-strapped administrator.

Founded in 1999, 3PAR released its first product in September of 2002. It has now grown to 150 employees, and distributes its products in 14 countries. With the headquarters in Fremont, California, they've also expanded to have offices in London and Tokyo.

As for the company's product line, InServ Storage Servers are virtualized arrays of disks and controllers that connect a common utility storage "pool" to a variety of other server platforms, including ones running Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

On a single storage platform, customers can start at a couple of terabytes and scale to hundreds. "Investments in a single storage array can range from $100K to $1 million," said Nunes.

Although, 3PAR has competitors, like EMC, Hitachi and HP they don't integrate the storage control software with the hardware as tightly as 3PAR. 3PAR's servers serve storage and are independent of any external server connected distributions or applications.

Vertical markets for InServ Storage Servers include medium sized and Fortune 1000 companies in the financial industry, government agencies and telecoms.

Tightly integrating the software that runs the storage server with utility programs, making it all just look like "storage," allows 3PAR to create products like Virtual Copy DBA.

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