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3PAR InServ Storage Servers

  • August 26, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Virtual Copy DBA can also streamline the provisioning of servers.

The heart of 3PAR's approach with Virtual Copy DBA for server provisioning is the concept of a read-only "golden image."

A golden image is a snapshot of a functional operating system or application, much like a database snapshot, that is retained on the storage server. This image serves as the basis for the other server builds. Basic configuration, applications and generic server settings can also be included in the image. It amounts to a build once/copy many way of deploying new servers.

When a new server is needed the "golden image" is copied write-enabled over to the new machine and server specific adjustments are made to bring the new server up. According to Nunes, this method is typically suited for "bare metal" server provisioning.

As for the future Nunes said that "IP based storage will be increasingly important over the next year" and "as data life cycle management products mature, look for complimentary capabilities in Utility Storage."

He was also happy to report that 3PAR has current major expansion efforts into Asia and Europe.

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