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Imprivata's OneSign Simplifies Password Management - page 3

What is Single Sign-On?

  • November 15, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Legislative drivers such as the GLBA, HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) were designed to protect a user's privacy, placing new requirements on companies to secure financial and health care information. System access control is a key factor in meeting these requirements.


"These requirement impose severe financial and criminal liabilities on the CXO for failure to make best effort attempts in protecting the IT system," Hussain said.

"The use of stronger passwords to secure applications (8 random characters, changed every 30 or 60 days) dramatically increases help desk calls for password resets since good passwords are supposed to be hard to remember. SSO addresses this problem by eliminating the need for the user to remember seven or more complex passwords and reducing it to the one primary authentication credential. Biometrics and SSO can lead to the total elimination of all passwords for the user, while offering a much higher degree of application security," Hussain said.

A new feature of the OneSign system that will help with regulation compliance is Username Correlation. This allows administrators to cross check for correlation of similar user names on applications. Past systems have have had problems trying to track usernames and passwords that were shared by multiple users across multiple applications.

The new version of OneSign will also include "internationalization," which will be useful as Imprivata expands into the Europe, Middle East, and Aftrica (EMEA) markets beginning this month.

Imprivata's SSO system uses Linux-based hardware and a "learn by example" paradigm that lets the administrator teach the agent to recognize different types of screens.

The application program generator and work flow guide the system administrator through all the steps needed to SSO enable most applications. This makes the whole SSO system transparent to the end user, whether they are using a Windows program, the command line or plugging values into a mainframe application.

The OneSign product will be available through VARS and will have a price point of about $20,000 for an installed 200 user system.

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