March 24, 2019

Desktop Linux Summit 2005: Interest Continues to Grow - page 5

Third Time is Definitely a Charm

  • February 11, 2005
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Lots more is happening at the Desktop Linux Summit, such as Novell's passing out review copies of their Novell Linux Desktop (which some people have successfully sold on eBay, no less), a talk by Rob Lanphier, the "Helix Troublemaker" for Real Networks, a peek at how Linux has taken over the movie industry, and a heavy focus on practical problems such as migrating to Linux on the desktop. Given that so many Linux events are either focused on the server or on developers, it is important to have a venue where the average user can come and see Linux in action in ways they're likely to use, and learn about the possibilities and the reality that is Linux.

Dee-Ann LeBlanc is the award-winning author of thirteen computer books, including Linux for Dummies 6th Edition, and the award-winning author of over two-hundred articles. Her favorite topics range the span of the Linux space, from the desktop to the server, and as the Gaming Industry Editor of LinuxWorld Magazine she tries to have some fun as well.

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