February 20, 2019

WiFi PDA Meets Linux--Part 1 - page 2


  • March 31, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

I chose an HP iPAQ model for a couple of reasons:

  • It has built-in 802.11b capability on many models.
  • Reads and writes standard Microsoft .doc and .xls files.

I specifically chose the HP 3715 Mobile Media Companion because:

  • Good sound card capabilities.
  • Can record sounds to a .wav file.
  • 8 hour battery life.
  • Color 320x240, landscape/portrait mode screen.
  • 152 MB on-board memory, in addition to an SD memory card slot.

I looked at the PalmOne lineup of products and concluded that only the Tungsten C had built-in 802.11b capability. Kind of made wonder if they were that interested in WiFi. That may change in the future, so for now I'll stick with HP.

I know, I know. Ideally, I'd like to use OpenOffice.org for my editing jobs, but unfortunately, it's not available on the iPAQ, yet. The next best thing is to use Pocket Word and Excel (on the iPAQ) to edit files I've generated on my Linux machines (OpenOffice.org files saved in .doc or .xls format). One good thing I found out is that there are quite a few down-loadable free/shareware packages that are available for use on the iPAQ's Pocket PC 2003 operating system.

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