February 16, 2019

LinuxWorld UK Impresses With Depth - page 3

Overall Impressions

  • October 10, 2005
  • By Martin C. Brown

A small section of the exhibition floor was given over to a ".org" village, basically a collection of smaller stands specifically focus on some of the not-for-profit groups that build Linux distributions and associated software. For example, there was a Ubuntu stand, giving out CDs of their Ubuntu Linux, including Kubuntu. There was also a stand for the related KDE project.

The most interesting, and almost certainly the best stand for a demonstration of the principles behind their product, was the stand for Gentoo (see Figure 5). Gentoo Linux is a source-based distribution that installs all packages and software by downloading and compiling the source for each package on your machine instead of download pre-compiled binaries. In essence, Gentoo is about building it yourself. As if to stress this fact, the guys on the Gentoo stand were burning Gentoo install CDs and manually putting on some self-printed labels and handing them out like candy to passersby. Of course, the CDs didn't come with envelopes--in true Gentoo style you have to provide those yourself!

There was good support by the Linux-based media, including stands for Linux Magazine, Linux Journal, Tux, and a busy stand from O'Reilly. Strangely, the namesake LinuxWorld Magazine was not to be found. Linux Magazine were giving away free copies and reduced subscriptions, while Tux and Linux Journal were providing reduced subscriptions and samples.

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