February 23, 2019

The Mobile Linux Initiative at OSDL - page 3


  • April 2, 2006
  • By Ibrahim Haddad

During the MLI face-to-face meeting in December 2005, the MLI membership went through the exercise of brainstorming about the technical focus areas that the initiative should address. Below are the technical areas identified in a random order:

  • Storage (File Systems, flash memory)
  • Multimedia
  • Performance (Real-time, boot-time, foot print)
  • Development Tools
  • Power Management
  • Security
  • I/O (Bluetooth and WiFi Stack)
  • Memory Management (Heterogeneous and non-contiguous memory, out of memory handling)

As for the non-technical focus areas, the MLI membership has identified the following areas to target in parallel to working on the technical focus areas:

  • Education and evangelism to the wireless and mobile ecosystem and the kernel and open source community
  • Addressing legal and regulatory issues arising from running and deploying the Linux kernel and open source software on mobile handsets
  • Increasing Harmonization among the various mobile architectures
  • Mainstreaming mobile requirements into Linux kernel development community

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