February 22, 2019

The Mobile Linux Initiative at OSDL - page 4


  • April 2, 2006
  • By Ibrahim Haddad

If MLI follows the working group process as the Carrier Grade Linux initiative did for instance, then the initiative would collect input in form of requirements and usage cases from their customers, end users and from the community, sort and prioritize the input, identify open source projects working on these focus areas and contribute to them, or start new open source projects to develop the desired solution. The initiative member companies would contribute to the development of the solution and work to have it accepted in mainstream. Whether MLI follows this model or a different model is something that will be decided by the MLI membership.

However, regardless of the followed process, the end goal of MLI is to create solutions, and focus resources to work on implementations that will support unmet needs. It might as well be the case similar to CGL where initiative members have open sourced proprietary technologies to help advance Linux in a specific technology area.

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