December 9, 2018

New OpenClovis Project Builds Communication Systems

The Challenges of Carrier-Grade

  • May 15, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

"The network is becoming incredibly complex."

These words rang especially true as Jim Lawrence, CTO of OpenClovis Inc., described his company's new open source project and how it will affect the telecommunications industry.

Formerly known as Clovis Solutions, Inc., OpenClovis has announced it has launched the OpenClovis Software Project, contributing more than 500,000 lines of carrier-grade application service code to developers under the GNU General Public License.

Moving packets quickly and routing around trouble are paramount in the telecom industry, where disruptions affect service quality and cost clients real money. Considering that a vendor or ISV may have thousands of discrete nodes, requiring a typical 50-ms working response time, the complexity is indeed daunting. Traditional vendors, such as Verizon and British Telecom, will demand (and get) high scalability and availability.

OpenClovis produces a high-quality, modular, and reusable set of software components and tools that vendors can use to quickly build new communications systems.

The heart of the project is a middle ware package called the OpenClovis Application Service Platform. The package provides a highly hierarchical and highly distributed standards based tool set that configures hardware and software building blocks, so vendors can comprehensively manage their network infrastructures. The package supports off-the-shelf products using AdvancedTCA commodity hardware, such as HP's Proliant line. It works on both 32- and 64-bit servers.

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