February 22, 2019

Bugzilla Makes Big Trucks Better - page 2

Bugzilla Flavored Applications?

  • October 9, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

There are now three different versions of the Komatsu/Bugzilla tracking system. All are hosted on Red Hat 3 or 4 based servers in Komatsu data centers. Daily dumping of the database and integrity checking happen every night using cron jobs and scripts.

User issues are handled through Merritt-Gilbert and Ken Ryburn of the Komatsu IT group.

New features include the ability to export to Excel and create PDF formatted reports directly from the project database. Rockhold provided a button on the interface to build a link to the HTMLDocs program, that then generated the PDFs.

The ability for a user to search custom fields was another important expansion feature. The team ran into trouble with MySQL, because it originally could only handle 31 left joins. Rockhold was able to modify the MySQL code to increase the number to 63.

Finally, the team implemented a way to search for a part number and bring up a TIFF drawing of the CAD part model. TIFFs are exported and saved from the Unigraphics 3D modeler and 2D drawing package.

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