February 19, 2018

Hardware Can Be Open, Too - page 3

Open Ideas to Open Source: Hacking Hardware

  • September 20, 2007
  • By Matt Hartley

If open source hardware participants such as Bug Labs really examine what has worked and what has failed within the open source software world, a lot of time can be saved along the way.

As Canonical has proven with the Ubuntu Linux project, keeping true to an open source vision does not mean living in a fantasy land filled with good intentions. Canonical proved that you can indeed, build an open source base for your target market, but do so without resorting to becoming a non-profit venture.

Treating new open source hardware projects like the business models that they are is a wise approach. Especially when considering wonderful opportunities you may be providing for future hardware developers. Giving the gift of a self-sustaining business is never 'evil' and even the most devote open source enthusiasts have to appreciate being able to pay the rent while doing something that they love.

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