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Desktop Stats: Linux Behind, But Moving Forward - page 4

Gazing Into The Future

  • October 12, 2007
  • By James Maguire

Linux in 2007 definitely takes honors for "most improved." The open source OS, fueled by impassioned enthusiasts but still not embraced by the general public, more than doubled its market share. Data from Net Application shows that it grew from 0.37% in December '06 to 0.81% in September '07. (The figures count only Internet-connected PCs, not servers or embedded devices, two of Linux's strong areas.)

That's a tiny piece of the pie, but comparing it to earlier data reveals a potentially powerful trend. In all of 2006, Linux grew from 0.29% to 0.37%. That's a robust move, percentage-wise, but not jaw-dropping. In contrast, its doubling growth between December '06 and September '07 shows a dramatic spike upward. Dell's recent decision to offer a limited number of machines with Linux pre-installed must be making a difference.

Regardless of its modest market share in absolute terms, the fact that Linux more than doubled suggests it is growing at a collision course with the other OSes. If it were to maintain its current growth rate, it would be the dominant OS by the year 2014.

This article originally appeared on Datamation, an OnlineJupiterMedia site.

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