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The Gobuntu Mission Examined - page 5

What Makes a Linux Distribution Truly Free

  • November 12, 2007
  • By Roy Schestowitz

Gobuntu can hopefully be improved by reminding Canonical that the project should stick to things it was intended to achieve. As promised, it should also be driven by a community, as opposed to becoming a project that--at least in part--absorbs criticism against inclusion of proprietary components in Ubuntu. At worst, this is perhaps a case of capitalization. The project can--and probably should--be built to provide what free software enthusiasts sought in the first place. Only then can it make a big impact and draw a community large enough to help it grow and thrive.

Shuttleworth asserts that "Gobuntu is about building a platform that expresses freedom in software and in content. Debating what constitutes freedom is essential to the process of building it." The latter part--the part about debating freedom--seems to contradict the experience of at least two Gobuntu developers whom we heard from. The project may be suffering from a disconnect, or simply a case of miscommunication.

Canonical is already responding to these issues. "I'm personally quite positive that the project will soon be pointed in the right direction," adds Matthew East, so it is encouraging to know that the problems are already taken into consideration and addressed.

This article originally appeared on Datamation, a JupiterOnlineMedia site.

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