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Benchmarking Linux With the Phoronix Test Suite - page 2

Worth Taking a Look

  • April 24, 2008
  • By Carla Schroder
PTS is a fast-moving work in progress, so you should grab the latest .tar.gz snapshot from Phoronix Test Suite downloads. It's very easy to use. Unpack it into whatever directory you want to keep it in:
$ tar zxvf phoronix-test-suite.tar.gz
Then change to the new top-level directory--cd phoronix-test-suite--and run the system diagnostic command:
$ ./phoronix-test-suite diagnostics
This spits out your system architecture, and PTS version and file locations. ./phoronix-test-suite with no options displays a list of available commands. ./phoronix-test-suite system-information dumps your hardware information. Let's see what else it can do:
$ ./phoronix-test-suite list-tests
Phoronix Test Suite --Benchmarks

etqw               --Enemy Territory: Quake Wars    [Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
fgl-glxgears       --ATI fgl_glxgears               [Status: VERIFIED, License: CLOSED]
fract              --FRACT                          [Status: BROKEN, License: FREE]

$ ./phoronix-test-suite list-suites
Phoronix Test Suite --Suites

audio-encoding   --Audio Encoding Test Suite        [Benchmark Type: System]
compilation      --Timed Code Compilation Tests     [Benchmark Type: Processor]
gaming           --Phoronix Test Suite For Gaming   [Benchmark Type: Graphics]
graphics         --Phoronix Test Suite For Graphics [Benchmark Type: Graphics]
"Verified" means it should work. "Broken" means it shouldn't. "Unknown" means you have an opportunity to advance the development of PTS.

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