February 17, 2019

Tech Companies: Don't Forget the Touchscreens

Touchscreens Where Art Thou?

  • September 30, 2009
  • By Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger

When HP released the DreamScreen last week, I was excited. Just by the looks of things, the device seemed like a perfect fit for my living room. It's one part digital photo frame and another part mini-entertainment device. The product sports the ability to listen to music on Pandora, the option to view images, and more.

But there's one issue with the DreamScreen. That screen that's so dreamy? Well, it seems ideally suited for a touchscreen. But when it comes time to actually use the device, it turns out that touching the screen just smudges it. You can't control a single feature with your fingers. Worst of all, you need to control everything on screen with a handful of buttons around the bezel of the display.

That (major) issue disappointed me. Maybe it's just me, but when I see a device called the DreamScreen, I expect its screen to provide a dream-like experience. And in today's tech space, that means that screen will feature touch controls.

Maybe it's unfair of us to expect touchscreens from tech companies.

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