February 21, 2019

Linux Radio Ads a Success, Not a Failure

Linux on Kim Komando's Show

  • October 6, 2009
  • By Carla Schroder
First of all, I love the audacity of advertising Linux on the Windows-happy Kim Komando radio program. Kim is all about Windows, with a smidgen of Mac and lots of consumer electronics. But it was the perfect program to run a Linux ad campaign on, because Ms. Komando is really about doing things with tech-- sharing photos, connecting with family and friends, mobile devices, music, shopping, movies, job hunting, blogging, and everything else under the sun. What a great under-served audience to target.

Ken first created a high-quality professional 60-second spot, and then generously released it into the world for anyone to modify and use. Then he had funds for a two-week campaign, with these results:

179 phone calls
63 emails
4 personal visits

Ken my friend, that is what we call "a roaring success."

Read the rest at the Linux Today blog.

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