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Canonical Launches Bazaar Commercial Support

Canonical's Bazaar Gets Commercial Support

  • December 10, 2009
  • By Sean Michael Kerner
Sean Michael Kerner

At the heart of every serious software development project is the use of some kind of version control code repository. For Ubuntu Linux, that version control system is its own Bazaar (bzr) system, which make it easier for the project to encourage and manage developer participation.

Now thanks to a new effort from Ubuntu's commercial sponsor Canonical, Bazaar is now set to receive commercial support.

Ubuntu itself began using bzr as the system by which it builds its Linux distribution beginning with the Jaunty Jackalope release earlier this year.

The new Canonical Bazaar commercial support offering will include services to enable developers to both manage and deploy the tool. Additionally, Canonical will be offering conversion and consultation services in an effort to help users of other version control systems move to the bzr solution.

The market of code versioning software is a competitive one with open source solutions such as Concurrent Versioning System (CVS), Subversion (SVN), Git and merc urial all vying for adoption.

Canonical isn't looking to woo just open source users, however: It also sees IBM Rational ClearCase users as potential target as well.

The commercially supported version of Bazaar is the same as the open source version that is freely available. However, there are a number of challenges that organization can face when attempting to migrate to bzr, which is why Canonical sees a need for its support services.

For example, there's a hurdle in converting code from one repository to another without any losses or developer confusion, Martin Pool, Bazaar's manager at Canonical, told InternetNews.com.

Pool also noted that getting familiar with the overall system can potentially be an issue, so Canonical will have a training service to help developers get up to speed.

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