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The Web Browser Wars-- They're Back

Browser Wars Heating Up

  • January 4, 2010
  • By Staff Writers
January 4, 2010
Special Report on The Browser Wars Return
Google chrome
Move over Firefox, look out IE and Safari. Google's adding even more competition to the browser world with its Chrome beta. But is it ready for prime time?

Looking Back as Mozilla Firefox Turns Five
[November 09, 2009] From the blogs: The popular browser had an impact beyond picking up where Mozilla Suite left off.

Firefox Tops Vulnerability List
[November 09, 2009] New study places Firefox at the top of vulnerability list for for the first half of 2009.

IE Opponents Want More Ballot Screen Changes
[September 28, 2009] Microsoft's competitors claim IE installation options are ineffective as proposed.

Why IE Doesn't Support HTML 5 Video (Yet)
[July 09, 2009] Mozilla supports HTML 5 video, Microsoft doesn't yet but without a codec specified, does it matter?

Firefox 3.5 Set to Roll Out Today
[June 30, 2009] Faster JavaScript, improved tab capabilities and HTML5 features highlight new browser release.

EC Queries PC Makers on Bundling Browsers
[June 09, 2009] Plus the competition directorate is checking to see if Microsoft has been trying to influence PC makers.

Microsoft Starts Planning Internet Explorer 9
[May 08, 2009] The software titan is already in the design stage for the IE8's successor and is calling for feedback. Three analysts answer.

IE 8 Release Goes Smoothly Despite Bugs
[March 20, 2009] Some users of the new Internet Explorer 8 report annoying bugs, but no major problems.

Will the Latest Internet Explorer Regain Share?
[March 20, 2009] Microsoft got IE8 out on time, but if it wants to recover any of its lost market share, the next version after that will have to be a whole lot better.

Microsoft Takes Wraps Off Internet Explorer 8
[March 19, 2009] The new browser is faster and includes improved standards support.

Silverlight 3 Beta Bows at Microsoft MIX09
[March 18, 2009] Microsoft's conference for Web builders kicks off testing of new Silverlight version as well as a preview of one of its most popular Web site tools.

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