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8 Advanced OpenOffice.org Add-ons - page 2

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  • April 5, 2010
  • By Eric Geier

CropOOo by AlicVB

If you have an older 2.x version of OOo, you won't be thrilled with the cropping tool. In Writer you have to right-click and select Picture to bring up its settings. In Draw and Impress there's a nifty scissors button up on the toolbar. However, in both instances you can't crop by hand. You must manually enter the desired dimensions--how nice huh?

Once you install this extension, you'll be able to box in the area to crop like with other image editors and office applications. Just click the scissors button on the new CropOOo toolbar and you can resize the borders of the image.

Remember, you won't need this extension if you upgrade to OOo 3.0 or newer.

Sun PDF Import Extension by Sun Microsystems

PDF files are tricky. They used to be hard to create, usually requiring a separate convertor. Even though OOo and MS Office now let you easily save your work in a PDF, you can't open them directly to make edits. This is a problem if you lose your original office document. However, it's not with this extension.

The PDF format will be added to the Open dialog. Simply click File > Open and select the PDF file. Then you'll be able to make edits and save.

Remember, this importer isn't perfect. You might loose some formatting and features of complex PDF files. However, you should see 100% layout support when working with files saved with the hybrid PDF/ODF format, which the extension enables.

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs by Przemyslaw Rumik

If you use Google Docs, Zoho, or WebDAV servers, this one is for you. It gives you the ability to download, update, and upload your documents to and from these cloud storage services.

It fully supports Google Docs; you may export, update and import all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. If using Zoho, the only limitation is that you can't download presentations. When using WebDAV servers, you can only upload.

After you install the extension, you'll find a new toolbar loaded with buttons to download and/or upload to each service.

Sun Presenter Console by Sun Microsystems

If you're a public speaker or otherwise have a presentation coming up, you ought to consider downloading this add-on. It will give you the ability to also see the upcoming slide, slide notes, and a timer, whereas the audience only sees the current slide. This might help you throw away those paper notes and overall increase your performance.

Pagination by Charles Brunet

Adding page numbers to your documents isn't the simplest thing to do in OOo. You must switch to the footer or header and manually insert the page number fields. This is a few more steps than you might be used to when using Microsoft Office, which you just hit Insert > Page Numbers. You can get the same functionality in OOo with this add-on.

After you install the extension, just click Insert > Page Number. Then you can choose between the header and footer, alignment and layout, starting number, and even the number or character type. It's quick and simple.

Giving them a try!

Installing the extensions is a piece of cake. Click Tools > Extension Manager. Then click Add, select the .oxt file, and hit Open. Then a quick restart: close the OOo applications and reopen them.

If you download the extensions in Windows and run into problems when installing into OOo, double-check that the filename extension hasn't been changed from .oxt to .zip.

Eric Geier is a freelance tech writer. He's authored many networking and computing books for brands like For Dummies and Cisco Press. He is also the Founder and CEO of NoWiresSecurity, which helps businesses easily protect their Wi-Fi networks.

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