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Fedora 13's Hidden Treasures

Too Fat For a CD

  • April 20, 2010
  • By Bruce Byfield
Bruce Byfield

While Ubuntu has always emphasized usability, Fedora's focus has been innovation. Now in current beta, Fedora 13 (codenamed Goddard) is no exception.

However, at first Fedora 13 may seem to lack many innovations unique to the distribution as opposed to its component applications. In fact, with many of the improvements and innovations either working behind the scenes or available only if you are specifically aware of them, many of Fedora 13's enhancements risk being invisible to the average user or even administrator.

Mostly, the invisibility hardly matters, since users still benefit regardless of their awareness. But in one or two cases I suspect that what is unseen may cause some user alarm.

As with most Fedora releases, the Fedora 13 beta is available in a variety of media and spins. However, you should note that, for the beta, the live media are available only as DVD images. The download page promises that CD images will be available for the final release, although the release notes with the beta suggest that the live CD will be replaced by a live USB image instead.

Either way, considering how distributions have increasingly strained to fit on to a CD -- for instance, by replacing OpenOffice.org with AbiWord as part of the default install, and omitting The GIMP -- the signs are that the days of the Live CD are drawing to a close.

Minor changes are also found in Anaconda, the Fedora installation program. The installer now includes bootfedoraproject.org (BFO), which installs a minimal system then uses a remote server in order to use a specific installation image. Tentative plans are already being made to phase out complete .ISO downloads....

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