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Is it Ubuntu, or is it Mac OS X?

Apple Fades, Ubuntu Rises

  • April 28, 2010
  • By Paul Rubens
Paul Rubens

Apple is fading from relevance in the computing space as it turns its attention toward phones, Web tablets and other consumer gadgets. Its server products are a joke, and its desktop and laptop machines are rapidly losing their allure: Selling style over substance works only as long as you remain stylish, but on that front Apple has become tired, boring and predictable.

But if you're an old-style Apple fan (by which I mean a fan of Apple Computer, not the new Apples R Us toys and games company) then there's no need to fret. Apple may not "get" it anymore, but it seems Canonical does.

Canonical is the open source software company behind Ubuntu, a Linux distro with a powerful server OS. It's a bit like OS X Server, but more than a handful of people actually use Ubuntu Server Edition, and Canonical still actively develops and updates it with a new release every six months.

Ubuntu also has editions for desktops, laptops and netbooks, which it updates regularly as clockwork every half year. In the past 12 months this product has evolved into something that's powerful, easy to use, and -- something most Apple fans are loath to admit -- far more stylish than Snow Leopard. But perhaps that's not surprising, really, when you consider that Apple is far too busy with its iPhoneOS to bother much about updating OS X.

This is a big week for Canonical....

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