February 17, 2019

One-Handed Workarounds: Typing With a Broken Thumb

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  • May 10, 2010
  • By Juliet Kemp

Juliet Kemp

The value of an opposable thumb is more keenly felt when it can't be used. Fortunately, for programmers who can't leave their keyboards, there are tools to mitigate the problem. Here are two websites to check out should you find yourself in this predicament.

This week's column has been written a little more slowly than normal because on Wednesday, I tripped over the dog and broke my left thumb. Under strict instructions to keep it elevated, and concerned not to put too much strain on the remaining good hand, I went looking for resources for one-handed keyboard operation. Here are a few useful links in case you are ever in the same position!

* A suggested setup for one-handed QWERTY typing. This site has a huge amount of information about one-handed typing. It's really aimed at people who have permanently lost the use of one hand (it's unlikely to be worth retraining if your situation is only temporary). However, I found the suggestions...

Read the rest of this one-handed typing article at ServerWatch.com

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