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5 Open and Free Help Desk Ticketing Systems - page 2

Request Tracker, OTRS, Help Desk Lite

  • July 19, 2010
  • By Eric Geier

Trouble Ticket Express

Trouble Ticket Express is from the same developer, United Web Coder, as the previous system. However, it offers additional features and functionality, more of what a traditional ticketing system provides. Like Help Desk Lite, it's a CGI script that installs onto your Linux/Unix or Windows web sever. Third-party web hosting is supported as long as CGI scripting is enabled and sendmail or smtp relay is available. Or you can use their fully hosted service, called SmartAnswer.

Trouble Ticket Express provides more ticket states than Help Desk Lite. Instead of just Pending and Open, it also lets you select Responded, On Hold, and Solved. Correspondence is also improved, which is a web-based bulletin board style instead of just through your email client. Customization is easier via HTML templates instead of having to manually edit the script. File attachments, email piping, and external database support are available via modules you can purchase.

There's also a demo for Trouble Ticket Express. For the documentation and support, they provide a full operators manual and have a discussion forum.


eTicket is a PHP-based ticketing system, now distributed under a license certified by the Open Source Initiative. It's an improved and enhanced version of a previous project called osTicket. It uses a Perl gateway, PHP backend, and MySQL database.

Like other full-featured ticketing systems, it can receive tickets via email messages or a web form. Additionally, it can include a Captcha verification field on web forms to help prevent SPAM. Plus it includes a configurable Spam Assassin mod for automail.pl.

Try the Demo and see eTicket for yourself. On their site you'll also find online installation and configuration documentation. For specific questions or issues, you can try the community forum.

Eric Geier is a freelance tech writer. He's authored many networking and computing books for brands like For Dummies and Cisco Press. He is also the Founder and CEO of NoWiresSecurity, which helps businesses easily protect their Wi-Fi networks with the Enterprise mode of WPA/WPA2 encryption.

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