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KDE 4.5 Improves in Dozens of Small and Satisfying Ways

Settling Down to Business

  • August 18, 2010
  • By Bruce Byfield
The KDE 4.5 release does not contain any radical new technologies or applications. In fact, it could be downright boring for folks who like a bit of bleeding edge on their computers.

But it is chock-full of small and important improvements, such as KWin's improved windows handling, better notifications, Konsole gains a context menu for tabs, and much more. Bruce Byfield dissects this latest and greatest KDE release in detail on Datamation.com.

Bruce Byfield

By the standards of previous releases in the KDE 4 series, KDE 4.5 is tame. It has few new applications, and introduces no new technologies. Yet with its combination of small innovations and interface improvements, KDE 4.5 still manages to be a release worth installing. Although it does not try to expand the concept of the desktop, it does make KDE easier to use in dozens of small and satisfying ways.

Released August 10, KDE 4.5 is already packaged for many major distributions, including Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, and Ubuntu, although in some cases you will have to look in the developmental repositories rather than the main ones. Source code is also available from the project. Those who want to try it before installing can download the latest CD from openSUSE's KDE Four Live site. Small innovations that add up

You need to search carefully to find new applications in KDE 4.5. I may have missed some, but the only new ones I can find are a Bookmark widget for the desktop and panel, and a new Mahjongg game (the traditional Rummoli-like game for four, not the tile-matching game made popular by computing).

Each is welcome in its own way. The Bookmark widget, being customizable by design, is a welcome navigation aid around the desktop and computer system, and deserves to be installed as a standard feature of every panel. Similarly, although true Mahjongg is a far more absorbing game than tile-matching, for some reason it is hard to find on any operating system or desktop.

However, new applications are overshadowed by enhancements of existing KDE elements....

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