April 26, 2019

The Upcoming Linux Boom: 20 Reasons Why

Cost, Ease of Use, Keep Older Hardware in Service

  • October 8, 2010
  • By Matt Hartley
Matt Hartley

The economy, as everyone is well aware, stinks. Yet the one factor that isn't being discussed enough in the media is how different technologies will likely evolve due to these new economic conditions.

One major change: while the days of costly software and expensive licensing is not likely to come to a complete end, I suspect we will see a sharp decrease in this area.

In this article, I�ll sharing twenty reasons why I believe we will see Linux "booming" in a post-recession world. Even though it's unlikely that the economic turmoil will prompt everyone to stop using proprietary operating systems completely, I am confident that a significant reduction in proprietary operating system usage is on the horizon.

1) Total cost of ownership

� Despite what the marketing material from select proprietary software companies might like you to believe, the software provided by proprietary vendors comes at a cost. There's something to be said for having the ability to control the cost of your data and the software that runs it.

By using Linux, one can be assured that the future of any projects enabled by this open source solution will be in firm control of those who are running the controls. No faceless company is going to come along and suddenly change the rules as to how you run your projects or how their software can be used. With Linux based options in your arsenal, you're in control of your data. From beginning to end, you have control over how much or how little your company spends on Linux solutions.

2) Updates are automatic

� For many desktop Linux users, it's something that we often take for granted. When we go to update our desktop operating system, we also have the option to update the software installed on our system as well...automatically.

This saves time and hassle for everyone involved as no one is left wondering if they have the latest application updates or if they need to be installed. In a post-recession world, time will be more valuable than ever. So anything that can be done to expedite keeping things running smoothly is...

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