February 16, 2019

3D Graphics Hardware in Linux - page 5


  • May 25, 1999
  • By Will Weisner
By far the largest and most comprehensive listing of non-game related 3D software for Linux is at The Linux3D.org software site . Note that only some of these applications will benefit from 3D acceleration.

The best way to use that new 3D card is to download some games. By far the most incredible games for Linux are Quake and Quake 2 (Quake 3 is also out for Linux, currently as a pre-alpha test). Linuxquake.com contains a full walkthrough of how to get and install the Linux version of Quake. If you have a 3D card and you run Linux, do not miss these games...they are fully 3D accelerated and they look incredible.

Another good place place to look is the Linux Game Tome, a news site dedicated to Linux games. This site contains a listing for just about every Linux game in existence, so browse through it for awhile and see what you find.< BR>


Linux has not been left out of the 3D hardware revolution. If you choose your 3D hardware wisely, you can reap the benefits of a fast, stable operating system combined with stunning 3D graphics.

Currently, the best 3D card to buy for a Linux system is the Voodoo3, which is a combination 2D/3D card. If you are really attached to your 2D card and don't mind giving up another PCI slot, then a Voodoo2 is a good 3D-only choice. Good luck with all your future 3D Linux endeavors!

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