March 24, 2019

715 Open Source Software Applications

Ultimate list of open source software

  • December 29, 2010
  • By Cynthia Harvey
Are you wondering what Linux and Free/Open Source software have to offer you? Check out Cynthia Harvey's monster list of 715 FOSS applications for all occasions and all operating systems.
This list of open source software applications covers the gamut ��� and then some. After all, 'tis the season to overindulge, and in honor of the occasion we've put together a list with more open source software than anyone can digest in one sitting. Gulp.

We've updated last year's Monster List of Open Source Downloads ��� getting rid of the projects that are no longer active and adding the projects that were featured on Datamation for the first time this year. The result is a sprawling list of 715 noteworthy tools from the open source community.

Of course, with any list this long, some of the apps are more mature than others. And it's even possible that we may have overlooked some great open source apps. Feel free to add your suggestions for next year's open source monster list in the comments section below.

Ultimate list of open source software:

Accounting to Audio Tools // Backup to Cloud Infrastructure // Cloud Desktop to CRM // Databases to Developer Tools // Dictionary to Encryption // Emulators to Foreign Language // Forensics to Graphics Editors // Healthcare to Modeling // Multimedia to Network Simulation // Office to POS // Portable Apps to Smoking Cessation // Speech to Typing // Utilities to Web Editors

Open Source Software: Accounting

1. Edoceo Imperium

This Web-based app combines basic CRM features with accounting capabilities. While it can be accessed from any browser, you'll need a Linux server running Apache, PHP, Zend, and PostgreSQL to host the software. Operating System: Windows, OS Independent.

2. FriFinans

Aimed at small to medium-sized organizations, FriFinaans offers a cross-platform, multi-user client-server based accounting system. It tracks accounts, debtors, creditors, products, and more. Operating System: OS Independent

3. FrontAccounting

Read the rest of Cynthia Harvey's monster FOSS list at Datamation.com

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