June 20, 2018

Multi-Head Displays in Linux


  • June 19, 1999
  • By Will Weisner
Multiple head display. Macs have had it for ages, Windows users just got it, and you know you want it. Let's take a detailed look into what this desktop-enhancing technology is, and how it works in Linux.

The term "multi-head" refers to using more than one monitor side-by-side to create a very large logical desktop. For example, rather than having a single 17" monitor running at 1280x1024, it is possible to take two older 14" 800x600 monitors and place them side by side, creating a single 1600x600 display. If this sounds impractical to you then you may be right; multiple heads take up a rather large amount of space on your desktop, and they also require purchasing a second monitor and a second video card. However, for true desktop junkies, more is never enough.

Multi-head also lets you do things like run apps full-screen on one monitor, while managing toolbars on another. If this kind of capability sounds intriguing, then read on...

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