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The Heart of Linux

  • September 9, 1999
  • By Mike MacCana

The XFree86 guys never seem to get enough credit for the work they're doing. The cool features of XFree86 4 might change that. Fonts in X have traditionally looked a bit like a dog's breakfast. That's because X uses bitmaps [basically pictures] to display fonts; these pictures are resized to whatever size the font needs to be. There are Truetype font solutions currently available, but they can be a a hassle to set up, and they don't ship with most Linux Distributions [except Mandrake]. Help is at hand. XFree 4 will support and prefer Truetype fonts out of the box. 3D accelerators will also be supported as standard. XFree86 will be built around the new X116.4 standard. Plus you can expect better support for newer and more obscure graphics cards.

KDE 2 is going to rock! One of the biggest features of KDE2 will be Openparts. Ever noticed that in Windows you can cut, copy and paste to just about anywhere--e.g., put an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document? Openparts provides similar functionality for KDE users. Other KDE2 improvements include better support for ODBC and java, as well as a new help system.

There's also a new theme engine, which promises to make KDE themes look as cool as possible, without being demanding on your system [yes, your GNOME and E themes will be supported]. KDE2 allows users to emulate the feel of five different widget sets. This includes:� the traditional Motif and Windows 95, CDE, Solaris and MAC OS. A full compliment of sexy high-color icons will be also be there [you can catch them soon with the release of KDE 1.1.2].

And probably most importantly: more stability, quality, simplicity and supported apps. Already we've seen "Civilization: Call to power", StarOffice and a number of other commercial KDE-aware applications. KDevelop 1.0 has been released to critical acclaim. Will KDE become the platform of choice for new Linux ports? The Unreal Tournament guys sure like it...


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