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The Heart of Linux

  • September 9, 1999
  • By Mike MacCana

SAP R/3 for Linux will be out of beta. The world's most popular Enterprise Resource Productivity [ERP] package finally comes to Linux. R/3 is a software suite to organize and coordinate every aspect of a large corporation, from accounts to payroll to superannuation to production to manufacturing to inventory to human resources to project management and beyond. R/3 on Linux is an overwhelming endorsement of Linux from the company whose systems seem to be in place at so many major corporations.

IBM has already given us DB/2, Websphere, Secureway, and its Java Developers Kit; soon we'll be getting Lotus Domino. [Unfortunately, you'll still have to run Notes under WINE].

Computer Associates is porting the newer version of its management suite, Unicenter, called Unicenter TND [The Next Dimension].

Oracle has finally released a pre-beta Oracle 8i for Linux, and now third-party vendors are starting to come to the table--expect a number of Oracle releases soon.

Of course, you can't talk about databases under Linux without mentioning MySQL and PostreSQL. These two amazingly powerful SQL databases already have all the power and professionalism of their larger counterparts, and there are a number of consultants specializing in implementations of the open source Structured Query Language Database. Future releases will mostly implement new functionality and generally focus on creating a more friendly development environment.

SAMBA, the Linux implementation of the Windows file and print sharing protocol, will soon be able to replace a Windows NT Backup Domain Controller as well as a Primary.

Netscape will be releasing Communicator 5...sometime. Major cool features include the Mozilla HTML renderer--said to be up to five times faster than previous versions. Tighter adherence to W3 specifications is also a good thing...

KOffice promises to be one of the major releases of 1999/2000. KOffice has one feature the other Linux Office suites don't: Openparts. Embed or Link to documents within each other. Not only is this extremely handy, it should also help with conversions of Microsoft documents. Hopefully, soon we should have a way to import Microsoft file formats that's pretty much flawless!

GIMP Graphic Image Manipulator already supports cool features like multiple undo, layers, scripting, etc. The new version 1.2 seems to really add a lot of little features that make the GIMP experience just a little bit friendlier. Handy features like thumbnail previews, a 'revert to saved' command, remembering dialogs, the elusive exact cursor position and a kinder look and feel are combined with the usual round of bugfixes, new and enhanced tools to ensure Linux's first killer app keeps killing...

The WINE team just keeps on improving everyone's favorite Windows replacement. With every new release there seems to be another overjoyed person who's finally got his favorite Windows app working. Recent reports at Wine HQ have rated MS Office 97 a 4/5 compatibility rating and reports of a near fully functional Lotus Notes have also been surfacing. Linuxgames still has their excellent series of HOWTOs and Wine success stories for gamers. Unfortunately, the world still lacks the same sort of thing for business apps - anyone looking for a project?

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