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No BS guide to RedHat Linux book

Installing and setting up Redhat 6 explained

  • October 16, 1999
  • By James Andrews

The No B.S. Guide To Red Hat Linux

by Bob Rankin
ISBN: 1-886411-30-1
$34.95 US

Who is the book aimed at?

This book is aimed at beginners to using Linux. However, as it is quite comprehensive, it could be a good resource for someone who already runs Linux, and wants to switch to an up-to-date version of Redhat. A Redhat CD is supplied--Redhat version 6, with the review copy.

What's in the book?

It begins with a brief outline of what Linux is, and then moves straight into installation. Next, there is an exploration of the Gnome-based GUI system, followed by a treatment of connecting Redhat to the Internet.

After this, there are several chapters on the shell, important commands and programming under Linux. This part of the book is probably of the least interest to the experienced Linux user, but conversely is vital stuff for the person new to Linux.

Now comes the most interesting part. There are three chapters entitled Linux does DOS and Windows, Tweaking Linux and Updating your Linux system. The Windows chapter deals with WINE and other tools for Linux / Microsoft cooperation. It is a reality for most users that Linux has to coexist with Microsoft software. Tweaking Linux has a quick look at various tools, with desktop interfaces for setting up various systems functions. That is, setting them up as you would like them, rather than using the default settings. Updating your Linux system is an extended guide to the RPM system, which is exactly what you need to know if you are running Redhat.

Finally the book rounds off with various information resources, like FTP sites, and a guide to the CDROM.

Is this book for you?

As an overview of Redhat 6 this book is excellent. It covers everything of interest at a level of detail quite sufficient to get you up and running and doing useful work.

The only reservations I would have about the book are on little things. The chapter on connecting to the Internet could have had slightly more detail. Hooking up to your ISP is painless for most, but does seem to generate a lot of questions. I wouldn't have explained Perl the way the programming chapter does. But--nothing to get heated about. The review copy includes Redhat 6, but Redhat 6.1 is out now. If this is an issue for you, then I'd say get a cheap copy of "Cartman" 6.1 from Linux Systems Labs

This book will, of course, age quickly. It's full of references to Linux applications that are currently state of the art, so in a year's time it won t be as great a guide.

But if you need to convert to Redhat 6 now, rush out and buy!

"The No B.S. Guide To Red Hat Linux" should be available this month ( October 99)

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