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Improving the Direct E-Mail Interface with Lyris - page 2

Can Be Used Free of Charge for Smaller Lists

  • December 9, 1999
  • By Kevin Reichard

Additional features in Lyris include an extremely fast mail engine capable of delivering hundreds of messages per second, automatic e-mail error detection, an installation wizard, automatic message archiving, fast text-based searching capabilities for the mailing list archives, multithreading capabilities (offers better performance when the server is used in multiple CPU configurations), extensive logging capabilities, numerous moderation options (for moderated discussion groups), server action phrases (customized auto-responders with tailored responses based on the content of messages), optional ODBC database connectivity, and support for virtual hosts (which allows multiple organizations to share one Lyris server while appearing to users to be on separate, distinct servers).

Security features include three different security roles (list, site, and server) which allow one to define separate rights and responsibilities for each type of administrator, password protection for all administrative functions, optional password protection for mailing list members and TCP/IP address mapping which enables the administrator to restrict functions to specific IP addresses (internal and satellite office use only, for example).

As is the case with most aspects of Lyris, support for the server is top-of-the-line. An extremely useful comprehensive user's manual in HTML format is included with the server; the 556-page manual is also available in its entirety from the Lyris Help Web Site. There is also a detailed Programmer's Manual for those who want to add additional functionality. The Web site also offers a listing of FAQs, an On-Line Tech Support Assistant and an e-mail support address for specific questions. In addition, there are German, French, Dutch and Japanese versions.

Overall, Lyris is an affordable yet powerful list server solution that is sure to please entry-level and high-end enterprises alike. Lyris is also priced right for enterprises whose needs exceed the freeware limitation of 200 members per list. It's offered in four packages ranging from the $495 Silver Plan (limited to 500 members per list) to the $4,995 Platinum Plus Plan (unlimited members per list and an enhanced, ultra high-performance mail sending engine)--targeted at enterprises with high traffic list needs where each mailing list exceeds 10,000 members. An enhanced version of the server is also available that allows mailing lists to be accessed as secure, private newsgroups.

Lyris MultiView List Server is available under the same plans as the standard server, but prices range from $795 for the Silver Plan to $7495 for the Platinum Plus Plan. Prospective users of the MultiView version can check it out in demonstration form when downloaded with the standard server.

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