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Merging Linux and Java on the Server Side

Merging Java and Linux on the Server Side

  • December 11, 1999
  • By Kevin Reichard

Contrary to popular opinion, Apache isn't the only Web server running under Linux. And while Apache is a great general-purpose Web server, there are some situations where Apache's not the best choice.

One such: where Java is a prime consideration in setting up a Web server. If you're in the middle of a Java shop and want to go that route in the Web-server field, there are four noteworthy Java-based Web servers that run on Linux (providing you have a JVM installed on your Java server, of course).

Here, we'll review the four major Java Web servers: Jigsaw, iServer, Avenida and vqServer. All four have been tested on a Slackware Linux system supporting Java via the Blackdown JVM port.

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