March 25, 2019

DistributionWatch Review: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 - page 10

Introducing Debian GNU/Linux

  • December 22, 1999
  • By Ed Petron

Weighing in at over 2,000 packages, the Debian distribution provides the largest and most varied collection of software available on any distribution. It is a particularly good choice for technical users such as software developers, scientists, and engineers who need access to software that is not typically of interest to corporate business users. In spite of its size, Debian is remarkably coherent and stable. Linux exhibits these attributes largely due the open-development model. It's only natural that Debian should exhibit similar attributes for the same reason.

Comparisons between Debian and Red Hat seem to be inevitable. I personally prefer Debian but I can easily see places where Red Hat might be a better fit. I usually recommend Red Hat to new users who are going to install it themselves. However, if I were going to set up a new user's system for them and provide any significant amount of support, I would certainly choose Debian.

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