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DistributionWatch Review: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 - page 4

Introducing Debian GNU/Linux

  • December 22, 1999
  • By Ed Petron

The distribution currently contains over 2,200 packages. These are divided into sections:

  • Administration�Programs that aid in system administration tasks.
  • Base�Basic software such as command shells and kernel images required by every installation.
  • Communication�Serial and modem communications packages.
  • Development�Compilers, interpreters, C/C++ headers, etc.
  • Documentation�HOWTOs, FAQs and other documentation and software packages needed to read them.
  • Editors�Programmer's text editors, word processors and other types of file editors.
  • Electronics�Circuit simulators, microcontroller simulators and other programs for electonic design work.
  • Games�Games and other amusements.
  • Graphics�Programs for creating, editing and viewing graphics.
  • Ham Radio�Support for amateur packet radio, including AX.25 drivers and Morse code trainers.
  • Interpreters�Language interpreters including Perl, Python and Tcl/Tk.
  • Libraries�Run-time support and development versions of subroutine libraries.
  • Mail�Programs to route, read, compose and process e-mail.
  • Mathematics�Mathematical and scientific research tools.
  • Miscellaneous�Packages that don't seem to fit in other categories.
  • Network�Network clients, servers and related programs.
  • Newsgroups�Usenet news clients, servers and related utilities.
  • Old Libraries�Older versions of support libraries. Most are dependent on libc5.
  • Other Operating Systems and File Systems�Programs and utilities that provide access to programs and data created by and for other operating platforms.
  • Shells�Command interpreters and user interfaces.
  • Sound�Programs dealing with sound, including mixers, players, recorders and CD players.
  • TeX�Donald Knuth's famous typesetting system and related packages.
  • Text Processing�Utilities to format, print and otherwise process plain ASCII text.
  • Utilities�Miscellaneous utilities.
  • Web�Web clients, servers and related programs.
  • X Window�X display servers, window managers and other software related to the X Window System.

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