February 22, 2019

DistributionWatch Review: PhatLinux - page 2

Is PhatLinux All That and a Bag of Chips?

  • February 1, 2000
  • By Andrew Chen

Obtaining PhatLinux was as easy as obtaining an ISO in the form of a 180MB .zip file from a LinuxBerg FTP site. (You can also obtain PhatLinux from FileFarm or the PhatLinux Web site.) Opening this ISO file under Windows using WINzip yielded a handful of files, most notably a 681MB Linuxsys.img (a Linux system hard-drive image), and a README.TXT file. Two key pieces of information were placed in the README.TXT file–that you must unzip the PhatLinux package into x:\phat (where x is the destination drive) and that the root password was phat.

Since Windows 98 and the PhatLinux .ZIP file were both on the C: drive, I decided to unzip PhatLinux into D:\PHAT. After unpacking the 180MB zip into 700MB of files (great compression ratio!), I needed to edit LINUX.BAT--the loader batch file--to match the amount of memory I had in the system. PhatLinux uses the following line to load PhatLinux:

loadlin vmlinuz initrd=ramdisk.gz mem=128M

Since we were only using 32 MB of RAM, the mem=parameter needed to be changed to 32M.

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