February 20, 2019

JBuilder 3: Building Java Apps Under Linux - page 7

Freely Available: JBuilder 3 Foundation for Linux

  • February 10, 2000
  • By Eric Foster-Johnson

Like many Java tools, the basic or "Foundation" tools don't support the all the needs of enterprise Java developers. JBuilder, for example, does not support CORBA for program-to-program communications, JDBC for database access, or Enterprise Java Beans at all. For all of these, you need to pay money for the as yet unreleased on Linux higher-end versions of JBuilder.

I'm not normally an IDE person: just give me a good text editor like nedit, a shell window like xterm or gnome-terminal and a fast compiler like IBM's Jikes, and I'm happy. Even so, JBuilder felt good. It has a professional-looking interface and I experienced no problems with it. The integrated class browser and Java API documentation go a long way towards making JBuilder a truly productive programming environment.

Eric Foster-Johnson wrote and co-wrote 14 books on Linux, UNIX, programming, and open-source tools, including and Cross-Platform Perl. He can be reached at erc@pconline.com or http://www.pconline.com/~erc/.

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